It's easy to be passive in our thoughts. We're bombarded with so many concepts and opinions everyday that we have learned to tune them out - smile and nod and ignore the message - or assimilate it subconsciously. I do it regularly.
But every once in a while, I recognize a trend: a series of unrelated sources all presenting me with the same questions to ponder. And that's when I take notice. That's when I think intentionally...

Monday, 2 May 2011

Just How I See It

Art has value because it consists of more than just the scene or the subject.  It is about the interpretation of the artist - the points they value emphasized in striking beauty and contrasted against the backdrop of mundane, everyday sights.  Every feature is planned; every line, a piece of their unique signature.  Whereas the scene itself can be seen through a lit window, the artist is like darkened glass.  They filter our view through themselves, so that we not only see what is beyond, but in it, the reflection of ourselves.

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